The 15 golden rules of Manchester jujitsu club

1. All students must be in full GI'S
2. No student must go on to the mat's unless you have been told to
3. Respect the Dojo. Leave things as you found them.
4.Respect to Sensei
5. Respect other people. Don't mess with other people's things. Don't interfere with their workout.
6. There will be no sparring without headgear, mouthpiece, and supervision.
7. No foul language.
8. When you are here WORK OUT. The Dojo is not a playground.
9. If you see something out of place PICK IT UP
10. You know the difference between right and wrong DO WHAT'S RIGHT! (if you don't know the difference, ask a Sensei)
11. Nails must be cut short and must be clean
12. No ear rings,jewellery, watches,shoes, socks to be worn on the mat's for yours and other peoples safety 
13. No food, drinks or chewing gum on the mats (if you are a junior you must ask to leave to go for a drink)
14. If you are hurt or a student are hurt, take them or yourself off the mat's to the bench's and report it to the Sensei
15. If someone does something wrong do not laugh help them to learn the moves.


You are a member of Manchester jujitsu club and you are a representative of the club and what we stand for so keep yourself out of trouble, and don't not do anything that will bring the clubs name down. Such as fighting outside the club, showing moves to other friends !!